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Full Membership - As a full member, you are able to vote at meetings, run for office, and will have access to the club during non open house hours. We ask, in return, for 50% participation at our weekly open house nights, events and meetings. (One-time $25 upgrade fee)


Associated Model Railroads      of Columbia

The membership fee is $15 and includes your first 3 months dues. After your 3 month probationary period, you may be voted in as an associate member or a full member, it's your choice. Either way, dues are still just $5/month!

Associate Membership - As an a associate member, you are able to attend our open house events, scheduled events, meetings and our annual Christmas meeting/dinner. There are no participation requirements

1800 Lincoln St. Columbia, SC 29201

Simply return a Membership Application with the application fee on any Thursday night.

Children are always welcome and do not need a membership, but can be guests of their parent/guardian. We just ask that children are accompanied by an adult.